To say that our passion is denim would be a lie. Do we appreciate the heritage and intrinsic quality of our materials? Yes. Do we enjoy working with it, testing its limits through innovation? Sure. Are we proud of what we do? Very. But at the end of the day, do we dream about warp, weft and slub? Very rarely, and when we do, we know its time to take a day off and go outside.

What we do dream about is a world where the products we use every day have a story to tell. A story not told through overly grandiose statements about the cultural importance of buying a luxury product on some company website Philosophy page; nor through ad campaigns on television and billboards by marketing executives, copywriters and paid actors.

In our dreams, the story is told by the product itself. A story that continues long after it is tried on, purchased and the tags removed. A story where each bend of the knee, each walk in the rain, each spatter of mud or rust or paint is a new paragraph; every rip, pinch, pull and patch: a punctuation mark. A story told in a language that’s entirely personal and universally understood, recorded forever on a page much stronger than paper.

That story begins with HARDENCO. We write the prologue, you finish the rest.

Make sure it’s worth reading.

— The Jeansmakers