Lifetime of Repairs…Guaranteed


Antonio’s Jeans


Pictured here are Antonio’s jeans.  Antonio has helped us through the years in developing our web presence and offering guidance through the technical world.  But that was his day job.  Nowadays, Antonio spends his time on the road traveling with his band Poor Old Shine; a connecticut based Roots/Americana band. We traded these jeans to Antonio almost two years for work he did on our website.  From the looks of it, these were his daily wearers.  These jeans came in for repair about a month ago and we couldn’t be more proud of the work Antonio has done to them. He now rocking a new pair of 14 oz. Nihon Menpu Mills selvedge 001.  Check back for updated pictures of the repair work.

Watch Videos of Poor Old Shine here.


Quadrabees, Lot #3, Collect Co. Ltd. 16 oz. slub weave. made on shuttle looms in Japan. 13 pairs made.

Neil’s Jeans

Neil, brother of Jacks, just returned from a summer at El Vesubio, a farm in the central highlands of Nicaragua.  While there Neil spent much of his time working with the local medical clinic, providing home visits to those living in the remote parts of the region.  When not trekking through the jungle and cane fields, Neil built an impressive stone staircase that ascends the biggest hill at El Vesubio.  These are Neil’s Jeans.  The hand feel of these jeans is reminiscent of the dirt floors of the region, thousands of tiny feet compressing the dirt to slight luster.  Neil bought his jeans November 2010, and has worn them as hard they could be worn.  We are very excited for Neil to give ‘em a wash.  It will be a true revealing.

Jack’s Jeans (Pair #1)

Jacks is what we call a “first mover”, there from the very beginning.  We are a few days late, but this post celebrates the one year mark on our first pair of jeans.  Made from 13 oz cone mills red line selvedge, the fade patterns on these jeans are incredible.  They recently came in for a tune up and should be good to go for another 3,000 miles.

Rubino’s Jeans

Rubino is a thrasher, a slasher, a master of his domain.  He does what he wants when he wants and continues to roam the land in search of his next mission.  He has been wearing his jeans hard since October. We couldn’t be more thirlled with the story that he has started to tell.

Marshall’s Quadrabees

Marshall is a one of the jeansmakers.  He is also our sewing machine, bicycle, tricycle and skateboard mechanic.  Marshall sees to it that all of our moving parts are “pingin’!”, we appreciate pingin’ machines.  When Marshall isn’t sewing jeans and other assorted creations of denim and leather, you can find him riding around downtown on one of the many tricycles in our fleet.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade, Lot #11, Cone Mills 13 oz. Indigo line woven on vintage shuttle looms in U.S.A. 3 pair made.

Dave’s Jeans

Dave is one of the jeansmakers. He got one of the first pairs of the Quadrabees completed. Dave wore these jeans non-stop for 4 months now. they have been washed by hand in the Rio Moa in Boaco, Nicaragua after days of riding horse. The jeans shielded the howling winds of a raw New England winter.  As well as guarded Dave from the numerous spiked leguminous plants battling the bovine existence, in the war of reclaiming degraded pastures of the humid-tropics.

Night Owl

Night Owl, Lot #7, Cone Mills 13 oz. Indigo line woven on vintage shuttle looms in U.S.A. 14 pair made in sizes 31, 32, 34, 35, and 36.

T.J.’s Jeans (again)

T.J. is one of three bike messengers in Hartford; arguably our most photographed customer, T.J.’s jeans embody the spirit of Hartford Denim.  T.J. told us he usually takes two weeks to put a hole in the seat of a new pair of jeans.  It took him two months to break through our 13 oz. cone mills denim.  T.J. continues to wear his jeans so hard that he is up for a few more repairs.   We repaired the area with a very large piece of Japanese 24 oz. denim.  T.J.’s  dream is to transform his 13 oz. cone mills jeans into a serious pair of 24 oz all via repairs.