T.J.’s Jeans (again)

T.J. is one of three bike messengers in Hartford; arguably our most photographed customer, T.J.’s jeans embody the spirit of Hartford Denim.  T.J. told us he usually takes two weeks to put a hole in the seat of a new pair of jeans.  It took him two months to break through our 13 oz. cone mills denim.  T.J. continues to wear his jeans so hard that he is up for a few more repairs.   We repaired the area with a very large piece of Japanese 24 oz. denim.  T.J.’s  dream is to transform his 13 oz. cone mills jeans into a serious pair of 24 oz all via repairs.

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  1. Francisco J. Dominguez

    This has to be the most wonderful history involving Jeans and Bikes (Two of my closest aspects in life). If you can take care of T.J.´s Jeans as good as you said, I must have a product of your company.

    You see?, riding bike on top technology shorts is not as great as denim shorts. Please advice me to buy, if that´s possible.

    I would love to have that spider on my crotch in a few months… jajajaja.

    Could it be not jeans, but bermuda (long to the knee) denim shorts?… I live in a really (all year long) hot weather.


    From Veracruz, México

    August 29, 2013 at 1:09 pm

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