We do not just make jeans, we repair them too.  If your jeans mean something to you we will repair them regardless of who made them.  Repairs on non-HARDENCO products start at $10, all prices negotiated per repair.

If at any time any product purchased from or built by HARDENCO rips, busts, bursts or shreds, we will gladly fix it free of charge or judgment.

Everything we make is backed by a lifetime repair policy, perennially valid, regardless the extent of damage. Contact us through the usual channels and let us know what happened and why, and we will make sure they are fixed as soon as the endless march of time allows.

Please send all repairs to:

30 Bartholomew Ave BSMT

Hartford, Conn 06106

If you enjoy repairing jeans, apply to be a local repair agent for your city or neighborhood.